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8.8 Infinite Sale

The 8.8 Sale Campaign takes place from August 7 to August 9, featuring many incentives and attractive programs for Sellers: including the Co-funded Voucher Program, Key Livestream, Shipping Free Program.....

Launching monetization project for mega campaign, collaborated with 5 brands: Samsung, TH True Milk, Skintific, Beucup, Ameri...

My Footprints:

  • Campaign page building and implement in-app configuration

  • Collaborate and coordinate across internal and external stakeholders to ensure package target delivery

  • Manage end-to-end brand operations, supporting package design and execution.


  • Mega campaign microsite gained significant page view, click, new user visit - ranked 2nd in SEA market

  • Attained successful package target delivery and revenue generation for business.

  • Contributed to the successful showcases of brands like Samsung, TH True Milk...

Campaign highlight:

  1. Brand package banner on Shop tab:

2. Samsung

3. TH True Milk

4. Skintific


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