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TikTok Shop Shopping Center Campaign

TikTok Shop Shopping Center (TTSC) hosts a variety of engaging events each month. Exclusive special promotions unique to TTSC take place every Wednesday, known as "Wednesday on Fire" ("Thứ Tư Bùng Cháy"), and on the 15th of each month, referred to as the "Mid-Month Sale" ("Sale Giữa Tháng").

My footprint:

  • Collaborated with product owners and implement in-app configuration to optimize user experience and drive conversions

  • Maintained effective communication with different design teams to ensure timely material delivery, remained updated on changes to new resources

  • Conduct performance analysis to provide insight for optimization, ensuring maximum visibility that aligns with marketing objectives.

  • Assisted in the testing of new features and finding new initiatives

Campaign visibilities:

  1. Weekly sale - Thứ Tư Bùng

2. Monthly Sale - Sale Giữa Tháng


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