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​My early 20s journey

I embarked on my professional journey at Publicis Groupe -one of the largest communication agency group. My portfolio included in media campaign execution across several ecommerce platforms for 5 brands of Abbott Nutrition (Ensure, Grow, Similac, Pediasure, Glucerna)

Upon concluding my internship, I attended an exchange program in Germany aiming to build my multicultural competencies, cultivate interpersonal skills, and further develop my expertise.

​Currently, I am working at TikTok Shop - a rapidly emerging ecommerce platform in the market. My role involves delivering in-app visibility, microsite, CRM tool to optimize user experience and drive conversions in mega campaign. Consolidate mega campaign monetization project and Super Brand day campaign. 

I collaborate with over 25 key accounts: Samsung, TH True Milk, Nutifood, L'oreal, Shiseido...

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