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P&G Super Brand Day

P&G Super Brand Day with the message #FlexTetThanhThoi - Get ready for a chill Tet celebration with Flex tips using P&G products. Key highlights of P&G Super Brand Day:

🌟 Super product: from superior brands in diverse categories: Homecare, Skincare, Haircare

🌟 Super benefits: Exclusive deals offered by P&G.

🌟 Super presence: Big KOLs such as Pham Thoai, Pew Pew, Ho Bich Tram, Diep Le.

My footprints:

  • Work closely with brands for campaign execution and follow up progress to ensure timely material delivery

  • Assisted in marketing activities and on-site exposure for campaign

  • Conducted post-campaign report for campaign performance, insight and key learning

 Campaign highlights:


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